Font design is passion and balance

Font design is exterior harmony combined with balance. Each font has its own personality, that consists of geometrically constructed and organic forms. That can consequently result in a significant variety of forms and letter widths, which are merged into one unity. Font design does not only consist of creating the individual fonts. To obtain grace and balance of a font family, the adjustment is vital referred to an even type face.

However satisfying a reduction or even a recreation of the glyph form would be from the creative perspective, legibility would suffer more or less.

Typography is the art of Glyphs

At FN FONT it’s all about font design, glyphs and typography. Designing each and every font, together with kerning and impression is going to take years – however without beginning there will be no end.
The font character and the design vocabulary are going to go into the humane grotesque direction.
FN COCO Sans is going to be light, elegant and very filigree, in favor of a lightsome typography that unites simplicity and clarity.
FN QUORUM SANS is going to contain humanistic proportions and one or another calligraphic emphasis.
Both fonts are going to be designed without serifs within the first font design phase.

Font Design

Before constructing a specific font by using a pen or computer the formation process begins in your mind. The brain mass is already forming initial letters. In the imagination geometric forms are combined, edited, rejected and newly created. The font character evolves from these early considerations and forms the base for grid and structure.

Font selection

By means of a specific design vocabulary every font aims for carrying an implicit subtext; aims for touching people emotionally and personifying content. Regardless of weather neutrality or passion, there is an appropriate font for each desired expression. Even subtle variations, such as pointed angles or drop-shaped counters can affect the message permanently.