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Font Phase 2 // QR-B

Draft for majuscule B FN QUORUM

If the letter B is designed after humanistic proportions, font width of E and B is almost equal. In addition it’s visibly narrower than the letter O. The lower half has to be larger than the upper half: When both halves would be the same size, the upper half would seem considerable larger, which leads to a negative interference of balance and familiar design pattern. By humanistic understanding counters are constructed of a semicircle and lead to a horizontal line.


Font Phase 1 // QR-A

Draft for majuscule A FN QUORUM

The letters A and V share the same shaping, whereas A exhibits an increased visual density due to the horizontal line. As a result its counter is usually a bit larger compared to the letter V, thus the balance is preserved. A blackening of the angle may be reduced through tapering the diagonal or by cutting in.